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The Kinder Morgan Foundation is a private company foundation that supports programs that promote the academic and artistic interests of students in grades K-12 in select areas of Kinder Morgan’s operations. It is a separate legal entity and is not affiliated with or sponsored by Kinder Morgan, Inc. or any of its subsidiaries or legal entities.
Guidelines for Non-Profits

The Kinder Morgan Foundation focuses exclusively on academic education and the arts. It supports programs that benefit traditionally underserved youth, including minorities and girls, with a majority of contributions directed to STEM programs. The organization supporting the program and the program itself must have clearly defined objectives and demonstrate strong community ties. Programs must be located in Kinder Morgan’s selected areas of operations or benefit youth in these areas. Typical grants are between $5,000 and $20,000, and nonprofits, public schools and private schools may apply.

Learn More:
Employee Matching Gift Program

The Kinder Morgan Foundation funds the company's employee matching gift program. The program matches gifts up to $2,000 made to U.S. college or university foundations, K-12 education foundations, and non-profits that support arts and culture. Multi-year awards or pledges are not eligible. If you are a Kinder Morgan employee, you can find more information and download an application on our intranet. Qualifying non-profits may submit completed matching gift forms via e-mail to km_foundation@kindermorgan.com.